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Thank you for using the National Desexing Network to help find a veterinarian in your area who will desex your pet at a reduced fee. If you have more than one cat or dog please ensure you fill in a separate voucher for each one.

Please note - if you can afford to pay your veterinarian's normal fees, it is important that you do so. The NDN referral service is designed for pet owners in genuine financial need, it is unfair to ask veterinarians to reduce reasonable fees for financially secure clients who are simply looking for 'the best deal'.

The service is also not for breeders, as breeders should recoup the cost of desexing their kittens and retired breeding cats by incorporating this cost in the purchase price of the kitten or cat (owners are benefitting by not having to organise desexing later and risking unwanted litters).

The vets participating in the NDN program receive no subsidies or funding. These vets discount their prices out of goodwill and their commitment to the welfare of Australia’s cats and dogs. Please consider supporting the vets registered with the NDN by visiting them for any other treatments your pet may require.

The price on your certificate only includes the cost for desexing. If your cat or dog is pregnant, in season or has undescended testicles, there may be additional costs. Also any optional extras such as pre op blood tests, fluids, extra pain relief, an elizabethan collar etc are at your own expense. Please ensure you aks the clinic about these additional costs and/or optional services prior to your appointment so you avoid unexpected costs. 

All veterinarians associated with the National Desexing Network are registered vets.

If you do not hold a pension, concession or healthcare card showing a CRN number or hold a Veterans Affairs Concession Card please contact us on 1 300 368 992 or click here to visit our links page and find other organisations who may be able to assist you.

Please note: When entering your CRN concession card number please do NOT put spaces between the numbers and letter at the end (example 111222333A).

Your participation in the program is strictly voluntary. NDN assumes no risk for the health of your pet or for the outcome of the surgery. NDN reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time. If there are any problems submitting this application online, please feel free to call us on our toll free number above.
Please answer all of the following questions, only some are used to assess your eligibility for discount desexing and others are used to assist NDN to work out how we can help save the lives of more cats and dogs.

Thank you again for desexing your pet.

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